Screening & Compliance

Reduce need for 24/7 staff by self-screening patients, visitors and vendors and ensuring compliance throughout facility.

Let RNs care for patients.

Due to unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals are having to assign RNs, EVS employees and even clinicians to screen patients, visitors and vendors.
Cost per door during COVID-19

Reduce spending with self-screening.

A modern kiosk powered by AI.

Interactive screen assistant asking COVID-19 survey questions.

Screening patients, automated.

Ouva screens patients, vendors and visitors with questions customized for your operation, reducing critical staff assignments.

Contact-free skin temperature

Ouva screens arriving people for temperature with EST-rated sensors, and measures it continuously throughout the facility.

Ensure mask compliance.

Using proprietary visual intelligence, Ouva continuously checks for contamination protocols, such as masks, to ensure visitor compliance throughout critical areas.

True automation with smart integrations.

Ouva patient assistant platform is extensible with deep integrations into your IT environment. From dynamic responses based on occupancy to changing regulations, Ouva can take care of it all.

Eliminate contact with voice.

Path to treatment, automated.

Smart, voice-activated assistant automates patient engagement & admission process, reducing the need for manual staff time.
Screening, diagnostic, guidance, compliance.